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5 best bass speakers

by Smart Wingu Student
best bass speakers

If you want a booming bassline that will showcase interesting details in your listening experience,
getting a good bass speaker should be a priority for you. These come in several types, including travel
models, car bass speakers, P.A. replacements, subwoofers, and Bluetooth bass speakers, all with
different attributes to handle different facets of your music.
To help you make a decision, we will outline 5 of the best options in the market that will deliver bass
without distorting the sound quality, as well as a good buying guide that will help you make the best
the decision for your preferences.

At a glance: Our top 3 picks

Polk Audio PSW10
Edifier R1280T

  • In-built amplifier with 50W power output

  • 100W power output

  • Spring-loaded terminals

  • LED lighting 

  • Incorporates NFC streaming and stable wireless Bluetooth

  • Extra bass mode

  • Enclosures are reflexive, expertly engineered

  • Dual input system

  • Affordable pricing

Comparison overview of the best subwoofers

Polk Audio PSW10 Powered subwoofer

Polk Audio PSW!) Powered subwoofer
This is among the Company’s products that aim for high-quality performance at a budget-friendly price.
There is not much to say about its minimalist appearance. It is compact and mostly consists of
MDF boards in its construction.
The subwoofer’s controls are at the rear, and they include Phase, a three-toggle Power control, Low
Pass, and Volume. In the toggle Power control, which consists of Off, Auto, and On, the Auto mode puts
the speaker on standby for 15 minutes until you turn the volume up or it receives a signal. The only
problem with the design is the lack of magnetic shielding, which means you are likely to notice electrical
interference when placing it near a computer or your TV.
The rear of the speaker also contains the output and input connections, including the stereo speaker
outputs and inputs and the RCA line. The only lacking element is the LFE input, although this is not as
annoying if you have a good receiver. The sound quality is immersive, regardless of what you are
playing, and the bass output is clear without becoming overwhelming.

  •  Easy to setup
  •  Affordable price
  • Good sound quality


  • Lacks magnetic shielding and LFE

Why we like it – Polk offers good audio equipment, and this is no exception to the rule through its
consistent and distortion-free output.

Check the price on Amazon


This speaker is a high-power machine that will serve you well on any occasion, thanks to its flexibility,
reliability, and portability, despite its seemingly large size. Its controls are all on the upper surface, allowing easy access at all times, and it has 4 buttons – two for volume adjustment, one for
extra bass, and one power button.
The design includes a docking port that ensures you get a clutter-free user experience, and even
includes several ports such as a USB port, party chain ports, and their corresponding buttons, an audio
port, and an AC in port. Among its design perks is the ability to use it in both horizontal and standing
positions, depending on the space you are working in.
Thanks to its 470W power, the speaker can deliver clear sound at all times, and it performs best in
outdoor and party settings. Its incorporation of an extra bass button will give a bass boost to your
favorite songs, and its drive can read a variety of file formats through the USB port.
Unlike some subwoofers, this speaker is entirely AC powered rather than relying on battery power.
Therefore, all you need to power it on is to connect it to a portable AC output.

  • Very good bass output
  • Ability to connect multiple speakers and devices
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Includes LED lighting


  • Does not include an audio cable

Why we like it – The speaker is easy to connect to any device and power source, so you can enjoy using
it without much hassle. Its design also serves as a phone charger and has LED lighting to set the
atmosphere when using it.

Check the price on Amazon

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf speaker

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf speakerUnlike most subwoofer picks on this list, the R1280T comes in a set of bookshelf speakers without
coming at prohibitive pricing. It has a fairly simple setup process that might not please an audiophile

looking for painstaking precision, but it will work well for people looking for an affordable upgrade to
their desktop sound system.
The main feature that stands out in their design is the use of heavy wooden cabinets, which house the
speakers. The use of the enclosures ensures that the speaker does a better job of dampening the sound
and reducing the chances of distortion or rattling. Considering the materials in its composition are of
premium quality, the bargain-friendly price is quite a pleasant surprise.
The low end is also impressive because of its use of a bass reflex, and precision-engineered port.
Additionally, they have a set of good drivers – a 4-inch bass cone that handles the lows, a DSP crossover
that distributes the signals to the appropriate drivers, and a small silk dome tweeter that handles the
highs. You can also use their dual RCA inputs to connect your devices.

  • Good audio performance with bright highs and rich lows
  • Can connect easily to mobile devices and PCs
  • Adjustable treble and bass


  • Lacks wireless capabilities

Why we like it – It is affordable and gives plenty of value for your money by including premium features
like EQ controls and a durable build.

Check the price on Amazon

AOMAIS Life Bluetooth speaker

AOMAIS Life Bluetooth speakerIn terms of Bluetooth speakers, the AOMAIS sets a new standard for finish and appearance. Bamboo
comprises its front part, and aluminum comprises the rest of the case, although its small size hides its
bulkiness. It is not a speaker you can carry across different places, although the controls and design will
offset this disadvantage.
It uses Bluetooth 5.0 protocols to ensure the connection to your devices remains stable at all times, and
you can count on its excellent Bluetooth range of 100 feet thanks to an enhanced Bluetooth card. It also
allows you to keep listening to your favorite music, since it relies on a 3.5mm audio jack to handle wired
A major advantage is its ability to pair with another AOMAIS Life speaker if you want to get a stereo
effect, and they will give an impressive total power output of 60W. its 5000mAh battery is powerful and
keeps it going for up to 12 continuous hours, with a 3-hour recharge session.

  • Vintage and elegant appearance
  •  Warm audio quality with impressive bass
  •  Very good Bluetooth range and battery life


  •  The charging port is of inferior quality

Why we like it – This speaker is affordable and gives plenty of value, through its long battery life and
good sound quality.

Check the price on Amazon

NYNE Bass Portable Bluetooth speaker

NYNE Bass portable Bluetooth SpeakerThis speaker has plenty of aspects in its favor, including device and speakerphone-charging functionality
and a rugged design that makes it excellent for outdoor use. You will love its exaggerated low ends if
you are a deep bass enthusiast, although a purist will dislike it due to its tendency to distort powerful
sub-bass signals at higher volumes.
The design is thoughtful and impressive, although you should not think it is readily portable; it weighs
6.7 pounds after all. Its front panel consists of a large grille that houses 2 midrange drivers, a status LED,
and a subwoofer, which combine to give a total power output of 35W. The top panel houses various
buttons, including the Track Forward/Backward control, Volume, Power, and a Call End/Answer button.
The NFC zone is on the right panel, while the side panels absorb any shock headed to the front panel.
The speaker includes a 3.5mm audio cable that will help you use the wired playback feature, and you
can use the speaker for up to 10 hours. The Bluetooth technology in use is Bluetooth 4.0, able to
connect to a maximum distance of 33 feet. It also includes an integrated mic to make it suitable for
operating a voice assistant or taking hands-free voice calls.

  • Attractive design
  • Delivers a full sound quality compared to most speakers in its price range
  • Decent battery life
  • Includes NFC tap-to-pair technology and an integrated mic for speaker calls


  • Not travel-friendly despite the portable design

Why we like it – Although it is not the most compact option, it will outperform the most expensive
Bluetooth speakers and live up to its name.

Check the price on Amazon

Bass speaker buying guide

Buying a good bass speaker is tough because you do not want to purchase one that cannot fit in your
living space – yet still delivers quality results. Here are some pointers to keep in mind.


In the world of speakers, size always matters; the size of the driver will ultimately determine the quality
and range of the bass output. This is because moving bass frequencies demands a lot of energy, and a
bigger driver can handle these demands better than a smaller driver.
Most good bass speakers will have a driver size of 12 inches, although you can go higher with your pick;
additionally, some models will feature multiple drivers. Keep in mind that the power will increase as the
driver size increases, as there needs to be some compensation to handle lower bass frequencies.


Any subwoofer discussion will revolve around two things: power and driver size. In the case of power,
the wattage rating is simply a rough estimate of how loud the bass speaker can play, but you can still
keep the volume under control despite a higher wattage.


The best place to put a bass speaker is usually against a wall or a corner, and then increasing the volume
to boost the bass output volume. Placement matters when it comes to bass reproduction – even
placing a few feet from the ideal can drastically change the sound.
An alternative option is to use multiple subs, although this does not necessarily mean you must use
more bass – the ultimate goal is getting better bass reception.


Numerous receivers and specific subwoofers will include room EQ processing, which will generate
specific equalizer settings according to different test tones and rooms. These will help you greatly
because they reduce the frequency response peaks, although they cannot solve issues in room acoustics
that may be present.

Sound quality

The major question you likely have when buying a bass speaker is whether it is improving your bass
output, but the answer is simple – buying a high-quality subwoofer will improve the lower ends,
regardless of how much money you spend on it. It is your best bet to boost the lower ends, whether you
are watching a movie or listening to music.
However, the sound quality is not the most important thing, and it is not determined by the size of the
speaker itself. While you may think of a good bass speaker as one that delivers the thumping sound you
would hear from a car, this is bad bass because it sacrifices sound quality for volume. In
contrast, good bass speakers will produce realistic low ends, not just deafening thumping sound quality.


Looking at various bass speakers will reveal one thing – what works for you will not always work for
someone else. Therefore, choosing a good subwoofer will require you to think of the use you intend to
use the speaker in, your budget, preferred amplifiers, and consumption, and then know the
specifications of what you are looking for.

Did you know?

Although having a higher wattage means your speaker can handle higher volumes, the capabilities of the
speaker are due to speaker efficiency. Therefore, a low-performance speaker with lower wattage will
not necessarily perform better than a high-performance alternative at the same range.

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